The Company

  • Hierro Indio S.A. is an Argentine Company committed to the exploration of iron ore within the country.


  • The main objective of the company is to carry out all the exploration and mining stages, while developing the projects responsibly and commited to the environment.


  • Hierro Indio S.A  aims to work together with the different institutions of the Province of Mendoza, in the pursuit of development and growth, not only for the Company, but also for the Areas of Influence where the Project is located.

Institucional Relations


Diario Once -Agust 11th, 2014- "The Goverment of Mendoza charges back with metaliferous mining"

Sitio Andino -August 9th, 2014- "The Government of Mendoza charges back with metaliferous mining"

Diario Los Andes -August 31st, 2014- "Seeking to reactivate an iron ore mine in Malarguüe"