• Hierro Indio is formed by a series of mineralized bodies aligned North-South, deeping 60º to the West.


  • The sedimentary units – limestones and shales – are intruded by andesitic porphyries, which generate an important metasomatic iron system when in contact with the wall rock.


  • The shape and the size of the bodies are irregular.


  • The iron ore is formed by magnetite (Fe3O4) and subordinated oligist (Fe2 O3).


  • Supergene mineralization is constituted by hematite and limonites.


  • XIX Century                                                 First Mentions of Iron Ore in the Project Area.


  • 1937- 1938                                                  First Mining Concessions.


  • 1938-1939                                                   Geological Exploration. (National Mining Directorate)


  • 1949- 1972                                                  Production of 30 to 60 T/Day (Encinas).


  • 1954                                                           Geological Exploration (D.G.F.M.).


  • 1981- 1982                                                  Geological Exploration, Geophysics and exploratory drilling (D.G.F.M. and D.P.M.).


  • 2004- 2005                                                  Production of 30 T/Day (Private).

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